Blue Apron Unboxing!

You know you’re an adult when you’re excited for a delivery of fresh, organic food. I’ve been waiting two weeks to try this system out, and I’m already super impressed by how things are boxed, packaged and delivered.

I don’t have a ton to show you yet, because I haven’t started cooking anything. These meals are for Monday, Wednesday and Friday of next week. I did want you to be able to see the first things I got to see when I opened the box.

First off, it got here early in the morning, not right at 8pm like Saturday packages usually do. I was surprisingly shocked at how heavy and large the box was. Not sure what I expected.

Blue Apron Unboxing (2)

Eek! I was excited to open it up. Luckily it’s cold where I am so I wasn’t worried about it sitting on the porch for a bit before anyone noticed. I’d be a little more worried during a midwest July day, though.

Blue Apron Unboxing (4)

Wowzers, everything is packaged so neatly. This is awesome. While I did look at the recipes over the last few weeks while I was waiting, I didn’t see exactly what all was in each one so it was fun to see what they packed.

Blue Apron Unboxing (3)

These excited my husband. He picked up the recipe sheets and was like, “Hmm. Maybe it’s time i learned how to cook something.” THANK YOU BLUE APRON!!

Blue Apron Unboxing (5)

Everything looks so miniature to me since buying things at the grocery store serves more like, 4-6 people than just two.

Blue Apron Unboxing (6)

I actually really like the brand Cento for canned tomatoes, so I was pleased to see that was the brand they chose. The three little brown bags are the dressings/knick knacks/seasonings for the recipes neatly packaged and labeled. I love it.

As you can see, it really saved a lot of time for me. Even if I didn’t go to the grocery store this weekend (which I still will, my son won’t eat any of the foods we get so I always have to prep his meals for the week, too) we’d probably have more than enough leftover from the last few visits to skip a few store visits a month. Since it’s worse dragging the family to the grocery store than it is dragging them to the dentist, this takes away a lot of stress.


This is now my second week of Naturebox and despite thinking I may run out of snacks, last week’s leftovers are in my office desk drawer – a perfect way to promote healthy snacking at work.

If you were wondering how I prep those at all, I took this picture after I prepped my snacks for this week. Generally I just look at the serving sizes, I log the nutrients into MyFitnessPal and then I bag them into single serving pouches. Makes it easier to not overeat and to grab a snack on the go.

Blue Apron Unboxing (1)

The snack you see in front are aged cheddar lentil potato crisp loops and yes, they are amazing. If you want to try out Naturebox and give your first box for 50% off, click here to use my Naturebox coupon code.

Happy eating & snacking, stay healthy this weekend everybody!

3 thoughts on “Blue Apron Unboxing!

    1. If I were to translate it into a lunch portion, my dinner portion could have easily been split into two. These portions are supposed to be 1 serving per person, but they were BIG servings. If you tossed a salad as a started you could easily make two meals out of one serving and be perfectly fine.


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