My First Naturebox (plus a coupon code for you!)

If you’re an avid podcast listener, like I am, you’ve probably heard of a dozen brands that you would necessarily know about if you didn’t tune-in. For example, Mailchimp, Squarespace, ZipRecruiter, Me Undies, and many more. From podcasts advertisements, I’ve come to actually use two advertisers discovered there. Blue Apron, which I have yet to receive and try, and Naturebox.

Now, this is my first week of snacks, so I don’t have too much to go off of yet – but I do have a few positive thoughts I’d like to share with you thus far, so we’re going to start there. Plus, if you continue reading, I’ll give you a discount code for 50% off your first box of snacks!

User Experience

Getting signed up was easy, and my first box was half off. I believe I used Stuff You Should Know‘s discount code to start. I picked which snacks I wanted and was good to go. I joined 1/2/2016 and I got my first box of snacks on 1/9. I’m hoping this delivery date remains consistent because my Blue Apron orders are going to be delivered on Saturday’s and that would be super convenient.

First Impression

When I got my snacks, the first thing I did was open the box and separated them into 1 serving portions. Then, I loaded the nutrition data into MyFitnessPal so I could start planning out my snacking.

My first impression was that the serving sizes seemed small, but I wasn’t going to really give that much thought until I actually ate them this week. I’ve seen many times where I thought a serving size was small because my eyes are figuratively and somethings almost literally bigger than my stomach.

I got over this quickly because the love folks at Naturebox gave me a bonus snack listed nowhere on the site under my orders or on the invoice. So, thanks for that!

The Tasting

Naturally, as I bagged up my snacks, I was taking little test nips at them.

  • blueberry almond quinoa bites – I’ll admit, I like health food but these were weird looking. It was like bird feed all mashed up into a little cube and glazed with a thin layer of sweetener. Holy moly, I must be a bird because I enjoy these quite a bit. The portions were a bit off so I didn’t get as many servings as I wished but what I got was tasty and filling. Definitely a good snack to have in between workouts at the gym.
  • asiago & cheddar cheese crisps – My initial reaction was these were bland. I 100% take it back. After eating an entire serving of them they have very delicious asiago flavor. I only thought they were bland because they weren’t as salty as my other snacks. They have a very satisfying texture if you can’t get over chips and the flavor is far more sophisticated than that of a Cheeto.
  • sriracha roasted cashews – This was love at first taste. I am convinced to try every spicy snack this place has to offer, and will probably get these almost every single week.
  • sweet blueberry almonds – This was my bonus snack! Not a huge fan, but will definitely eat them. I don’t like almonds that much to begin with, so it’s literally the sweet blueberry flavor that’s keeping me with it. I’m sure these are delicious to people who love almonds, so don’t listen to me.

Post-First Box

Silly me. I got really excited and didn’t read all the rules. Apparently you get to have a pantry where you pick snacks you’d like and then when you get snacks weekly from them (like I do) they can just swoop in and pick up what you want without having to constantly remind you to choose what you want.

Well, I didn’t do that for my second box. They’re sending me things that I may not have picked. It’s my own fault. Luckily one of them has the word sriracha in it, so I’m not too unhappy, but I definitely recommend reading all the quirks of the program, especially if you are getting snacks at a high frequency. I will 100% be stocking my virtual pantry to avoid this in the future.


I am now several months deep into my pantry and I’m excited to get more snacks and to save some money on buying snacks at the store. I will keep you posted if anything changes or if the new wears off, but I doubt it. This was truly the perfect pairing to my Blue Apron decision in the hunt to eat healthier, more nutritious foods.

Here is my link! Use this link to get 50% OFF your first box of snacks today!

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