5 Goals for 2016

I just realized that it’s almost 1/3rd of the way through January and I haven’t even set goals for myself this year! How could I forget.

Very simple, yet beneficial goals for this year that I can honestly say are different from what I did last year.

5 Goals for 2016

  1. I’m going to give this another honest try, but with no restrictions, no specifics and without even worrying about whether or not this content sucks. This is just me being me, writing about what I care about and wondering if anyone else cares, too. I really want to use this blog to work on my graphic creation skills, too.
  2. So far, I am scheduling 1-2 workouts per day which the full intention of missing 1-2 days of them. But, if I am well and things are aligned, I plan on doing all of them. Don’t worry, I have some days with nothing but walking or hot yoga so I’m not tiring myself out or risking injury.
  3. I’m signed up for Blue Apron and Naturebox. I’m back on MyFitnessPal. So far I’m heading in the right direction to be healthier and I am working on keeping myself accountable throughout the year.
  4. Yes, this is going to be fun and in a future blog post. I’m going to come up with a weekly/monthly way to reward myself for eating well and performing my workouts.
  5. I want to get my family on the right track, too. I want to work on getting my family active with me. I don’t have anything concrete yet, but stay tuned!

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