When To Take Rest Days

I’m about to share with you one of my secrets to taking impromptu rest days that don’t ruin my weekly goals, are you ready?

I schedule 7 days worth of fitness activities. That’s right, I schedule something for everyday. Most days I have no problem hitting the gym, the trails or the treadmill. If I don’t have a legitimate excuse like time, sickness or other engagements I have to attend I’m normally pretty good about just getting up and going.

I’m going to tell you, today is not one of those days.

Yesterday started out like any Tuesday. I was hanging out in my cubicle doing some research on SEO best practices for publishers when that sudden and awful feeling arose – I have to use the restroom. Now, I drink a lot of water, but this wasn’t that type of trip.

I must have picked up some sort of bug that triggered a slow decline, because I felt fine yesterday evening and got to the gym earlier than planned and really pushed myself during my Bodypump class. It wasn’t until about 3am when I felt what was just beginning start to progress into something worse.

I started having these awful acid reflux attacks and my throat and mouth were on fire. My stomach was sour and felt like it was twisting itself into knots. I was shaky and when I got up to use the restroom I was very dizzy.

Hoping that the effects would wear off with more sleep, I went back to bed. I felt alright this morning, not my usual 100%. It wasn’t until my stomach refused breakfast (and I really like breakfast) and I couldn’t eat my entire meal that the real pain began.

As I was already at work, I politely asked my boss if I could take my embarrassing digestion-paining illness home where I could “heal with my dignity” in peace.

Well, unless something happens in the next 4 hours to make me feel any better, I am taking tonight off. Lucky for me, I have the rest of the week planned out and I can hardly say no to those workouts unless I’m still sick.

The secret is to be flexible and to have a backup plan.

Happy running, lifting, swimming, biking, jogging!

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