The ‘Almost Free’ Sweater

I honestly think I’ve enjoyed the New Year’s weekend more than the Christmas weekend, but that’s probably because there is so much less pressure associated with New Year’s. Nobody forcing us to cook or even move from the couch.

While I’ve stayed active throughout my break – accountability time ->

  • Monday – 4o mins on the treadmill
  • Thursday – 20 mins on the elliptical, followed by a Bodypump class
  • Wednesday – 50 mins on the treadmill
  • Thursday – 3 miles running on the trails, 3 miles on the elliptical
  • Friday – hot yoga, 1 hour on the elliptical
  • Saturday – rest day
  • Sunday – 30 mins on the elliptical, followed by a Bodypump class

Okay, accountability time over. While I’ve stayed active on my break, I’ve also been SUPER lazy while actually at home. Movies, videogames, books. Saturday was my rest day, but I spent the morning cleaning out my closet (in anticipation of all my new workout gear!), putting laundry away and then shopping from lunch time until after dinner time. I finally bought some cross-trainers as I was getting tired of having all my running shoes be disgusting or just soaked and then having to wear them to the gym.

I’ve really grown fond of New Balance over the last few months so I now own a pair for trail running, a pair for road running and a pair for the gym.

We noticed our PacSun in the mall was closing, so they were having this super rad sale where you bought one item and got two items free. So my husband picked out some pants and i found this huge, soft, chunky white sweater that I wanted. They didn’t have much women’s clothing left but hey, a free sweater is a free sweater. We bought our items and tossed the receipt out because their closing sale had “all sales final” tagged to them. I wore the sweater out to dinner that night.

Well, I checked our bank statement before dinner because we had gone on a bit of a shopping spree and I wanted to make sure I had tracked everything and there I see it, an obvious double-charge from PacSun for our so-called free items. We call PacSun and tell them this and they say, sorry but you’ll have to bring your receipt and items back… all sales are final though. Basically, they were no help. I called Wells Fargo and pointed out the obvious double-charge and they put in an appeal to reverse it. It’s not a huge deal since it was all on sale but that sweater is going to lose it’s appeal if it isn’t my pretty free sweater anymore.

What’s on the tapper this week?

So far I’m happy with my week and looking forward to the next!

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