5 Yoga Poses I Want to be Better At

I’ve been doing a lot of yoga since the injury, and I’m getting ready to push it to twice a week. Generally whenever I do lifting or yoga, I like to start or end the workout with some cardio, which means I’m usually found on the elliptical or the treadmill after the class.

Cardio is great, it’s my passion, but if I want to become a better runner overall then I need to work on my general strength.

Here are 5 yoga poses I want to master by the end of the year.

Crow Pose


Holy crow is this pose hard for me. To be fair to myself, I usually do hot yoga. By the time the instructor has warmed us up enough to attempt crow, I am a sweaty mess. Attempting to rest my sweaty knees on my sweaty arms is darn near impossible. However, during my class on the 1st I was able to hold the pose for at least 5 seconds. This means I can definitely do it, I just need to build confidence and balance.

Tree Pose


Up until recently I haven’t been able to get my foot up to my thigh, so I was a calf tree poser. Recently I have been able to get my foot all the way up there and hold it. Now I need to master the balance.



While this is basically a push-up, by the end of the class I am usually so tired I flop to the ground before being able to engage in my upward dog. I want to be able to nail these throughout the entire hour without the “flop.”

Dancer Pose


I generally am in need of help when it comes to standing on one leg. I am weakest in my balancing poses. Being a running, I am far more flexible than I gave myself credit for. I love stretching and lengthening moves. I love warrior flows and sun salutations – but the moment the teacher says, “Alright, we’re going to do some balancing sequences now,” I instantly get nervous. I have yet to fall on my face, but it’s a possibility.

Boat Pose


I generally don’t do any stand-alone ab work. I’m a running, and working on abs alone just doesn’t seem like something I want to spend oodles of time on. Both my Body Pump and Hot Yoga classes, depending on the teachers, give us a whole section dedicated to abs. Yesterday’s hot yoga class had us doing 30-50 bicycle crunches. Talk about feeling the burn all over. So, I really want to work on hitting these ab moves hard since it will be only a few times a week I’ll be focused on ab-specific work.

To better incentivize the effort I want to put into yoga, I bought myself some yoga-specific workout gear. Nothing makes me more motivated than new running/gym gear!

Do you practice yoga? Are you beginner, intermediate or a pro? What poses are you working on mastering?


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