New Beginnings

I am not going to promise you anything with this blog. I am not going to base it around a topic and push myself into a corner when I have nothing about that topic to talk about. I’m not going to promise a new post on this, this and this day. I’m not even going to promise you the content will be readable or even like-or-shareable. I’m just going to start writing things out, publish them and hope for minimal spelling and grammatical errors. That’s about all I can do at this point.

I suffer so badly from wanting to be a blogger but either not being dedicated enough or not being interesting enough to keep it up. I always set myself up with these messages, missions and goals and usually that’s how I end up quitting. So, I refuse to do that to myself. What is this blog about? Absolutely nothing. I just enjoy writing, thinking out loud, and messing with WordPress and web-dev thingies. That is how I’ll sum it up.

How is blogging holding up anymore? I feel like it used to be something people enjoyed reading. Personal diaries written for the world to see. Probably quite unlike how Anne Frank would have had it if she had survived. It’s hard to imagine people would rather read unkempt thoughts than buzz over to YouTube where you can walk people rant to you in high-def with snazzy lighting and jump-cuts. I cannot vlog, because I hate the sound of my voice and I don’t have a camera or microphone. Also probably because, again, I’m not very interesting.

Also, before I close the awkward first-date relationship I’m having with this “first blog post,” I wanted to say Happy-almost-new-year. A perfect day for starting something new. What are you goals for 2016?

Until next time, but no promises,


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